Ed Kinney is the vice president of corporate affairs and communications for Marriott International’s Orlando-based time-share division. It’s no surprise that Marriott Vacation Club has expanded into one of the most highly sought-after destinations in the world, thanks to Kinney’s work and dedication.

1. What are some of the major challenges and trends that have been impacting the Talent Management space lately?

Technologies and digitization are evolving skillsets where there are skill gaps in the workforce today. We will need additional ways to develop employees and talent acquisition strategies that address the rapidly evolving needs of digital business. This needs to be in concert with an overall plan to foster innovation to drive digital business performance. In the current environment and with unemployment rates so low, attracting and selecting qualified applicants continues a major challenge. For talent acquisition, it is critical to continue to improve applicant tracking systems and procedures to make the applicant process easy and selection process fast. Talented individuals have many options these days.

2. What keeps you up at night when it comes to some of the major predicaments in the Talent Management space?

Being able to keep pace with the continually shifting skill needed. Staying competitive in a changing LAST WORD business landscape, requires that we build a workforce with new skills. Having to identify the skills needed for future roles and developing the next generation of critical talent, is an HR imperative. In a highly competitive labor market, the demand for critical talent often outweighs the supply, and critical talent is hard to find.

3. Can you tell us about the latest project that you have been working on and what are some of the technological and process elements that you leveraged to make the project successful?

We recently implemented all new HR technology –deploying many modules simultaneously, including HRIS, Learning, Performance, Compensation, Leave and Recruitment in an unprecedented eight months. Additionally, within the talent acquisition space, we are improving our branding and all our sourcing channels, including social media, updating our careers websites and improving our background check and drug testing processes.

4. Which are some of the technological trends which excite you for the future of Talent Management space?

The accelerating digitalization adoption is reshaping the talent landscape. Some of the emerging technology areas that will impact organizations and skill requirements are intelligent technology, cybersecurity and digital. Identifying innovative ways and new technologies to help associates upskill quickly and learn in a new work environment are important as are incorporating predictive learning and Artificial Intelligence.