Othamar Gama Filho, Founder & CEO, Talentify.ioOthamar Gama Filho, Founder & CEO,Talentify.io
With an aim to transform the recruitment industry, Othamar Gama Filho founded Talentify after his recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) venture in his home country Brazil began to throw new challenges every day. It was like each time Gama Filho wanted to grow and add employees; the cost went up, making it feel like one step forward and two steps back. He also had to hire more recruiters to accelerate the growth of the company and with this, it became tough to continue to grow profitability. That time Gama Filho thought of real-time employee engagement to improve his RPO company. “We were trying to make recruiting more like a process and were using our technology knowledge to improve this and to improve our margins. We knew that it was not just the matter of finding the right people but finding them in a budget-friendly and hassle-free way. So, we built a technology platform that works much like an RPO, and it is so heavily automated that it makes hiring process cheaper, quicker and infinitely more scalable than humans doing it,” mentions Gama Filho, who also heads the company as its CEO.

Based in Florida, Talentify is an innovative technology company that puts high-volume recruiting on autopilot. Companies that have to do high-volume recruiting at scale run into two primary problems—first, they have to find potential candidates and second, they have to keep candidates engaged through the hiring process and convert them to employees. Today’s tight labor market coupled with an ever-growing number of online candidate sourcing platforms make an extremely competitive marketplace to find qualified candidates for employment. In fact, qualified candidates have so many employment options that a new trend in recruiting is happening—an increasing number of candidates do not even show up for interviews— HR Professionals call this “candidate ghosting”! In today’s world, attracting, engaging and hiring the right talent requires a well-thought-out and strategic modus operandi.
This is where Talentify comes in that eliminates outdated processes and let advanced technology connect and engage with talent, creating more meaningful interactions for candidates and recruiters. And most importantly, converts more candidates to applicants and more applicants to new hire employees. The firm delivers a cloud-based talent acquisition platform offering recruitment automation, screening and talent analytics for hiring managers while removing the need for any third-party or outsourcing completely. Simply stated, Talentify builds simple products that bridge the gap between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management and makes the experience of finding an individual for an organization better.
  • The Talentify platform harnesses the power of AI and ML capabilities to optimize the recruiting process

Talentify anticipates businesses’ recruiting business needs and gathers information at different stages on each candidate, qualifying them and ranking them for job interviews. When an employer has an open job, the platform finds people digitally, ranks applicants with a job-fit score, gets them into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and schedules interviews with the prospective employers. “The Talentify platform harnesses the power of AI and ML capabilities to optimize the recruiting process. Using advanced technology and user interface, recruiting managers can also check the behavioral psychology to make sure candidates are perfect for the organization,” explains Gama Filho.

With a fast growing client base, Talentify has worked with major market players, like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. A recent client success involved Talentify helping a large security company in optimizing its hiring process, which allowed them to deliver on its financial goals. The security company leveraged Talentify’s platform and hired the same number of people in a day that they previously were only able to do in a week. For Talentify, long-term success is measured by innovation—the continued innovation of its software platform and innovation of its business model to be the best results-as-a-service platform, instead of just being another tool in the crowd of “unique solutions”.